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Remote Monitoring

Analyse and visualise data from your machines, systems and assets.
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Comprehensive data. Full insight. Smarter decisions

AVEVA Insight is a secure, comprehensive and cloud technology-based SaaS solution for remote monitoring. System monitoring software lets you collect and visualise industrial and process data in real time. A sophisticated management dashboard will help you make valuable decisions about your processes and systems, always based on hard facts and clear metrics. Our remote monitoring software is quick, accurate and cost-effective.

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Why a cloud solution?

The advantage of a cloud-based solution is that you can leave the basics of data collection and storage to us. We invest in the development, management and maintenance of our remote monitoring solutions while you focus entirely on interpreting the results and improving your operational performance. We make sure you always run the latest version of our system monitoring software, with secure authentication, authorisation and data encryption. This is how we keep your data secure. You pay only for what you use!

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