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Data Centers

Synchronized performance of all your technical systems.

100% Data Availability

Data centers are now one of the fastest growing industry segments in the world. Business is driven by data collection and analysis. Measurement data offers very interesting opportunities to drastically improve operational management of data centers. AVEVA makes this data available anywhere, any time to the engineers tasked with ensuring the constant availability and high efficiency of your data center.

The New Digital Standard for Data Centers

Unified Command and Control in Your Data Center

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Frequently Asked Questions

Besides sub systems like electrical/ups, cooling, asset reporting, lightning, security, fire & safety, environmental, access control and SLA compliance, what other areas can Aveva solutions address?

Enterprise level monitoring and control across multiple data centers aggregates all subsystems, as well as combined financials, asset management and people management, into one common system that users can manipulate.
Learn how you can efficiently integrate, manage, maintain and analyze data from legacy IT/OT systems and applications from geographically dispersed sites in a “single-pane-of-glass” command and control operations interface, and make faster and more informed decisions for optimized data center operations.

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AVEVA Unified Operations Center

How synchronized systems can leverage data to minimize risk, reduce cost and improve efficiency.