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Building and Facility Management

Smart facilities management is key to keeping employees and residents in single or campus buildings confident and secure. Our solutions enable centralisation of monitoring, control, asset performance management, and real-time support for all kinds of smart infrastructure.

Smart and future-proof

Facilities management, power, security, IT – these are all aspects that demand smart management. AVEVA Select supports a wide range of processes that you encounter daily in Building and Facility management. Our tested and proven software allows you to model and create your own operational command center from where you manage your buildings and facilities using a smart, future-proof approach.

We Support Building Management Evolution

Learn more about how AVEVA is helping facilities worldwide become more resilient, sustainable and efficient.

AVEVA Select Solutions

Frequently Asked Questions

How does AVEVA address scalability for expanding facilities?

AVEVA offers a comprehensive portfolio of software solutions designed to deliver efficient, secure, and reliable operations for single buildings through large multi-building campuses. These solutions address today’s green initiatives and complex regulatory compliance requirements, and help minimise cost while ensuring a safe work environment for all types of facilities.

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How did Aveva help the city of Barcelona unify their management system into a single platform that operates all greenbelt areas and supports existing communication systems?

AVEVA operates like a central nervous system, receiving and transmitting information by means of a strategically distributed network of sensors located throughout the city. This peripheral nervous system monitors the smart city’s operations and ensures efficient resource management.

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