AVEVA™ Operations Control

Empowering Teams with Flexible Operations Software

Edge to enterprise operations
control software for an empowered workforce

Operations teams share common goals across all levels and physical locations of the organization. While perspectives from each area of operations may differ, the need to make actionable decisions requires software solutions that are capable of connecting teams across the business at any time.

AVEVA Operations Control provides the operations control software necessary for modern industrial activities and gives eams a consistent mechanism of collaborating and operating from a cohesive and sustainable framework.

Transform your operations

To drive growth, enterprises need increased operational efficiency, agility, and reliability. This is why we believe that empowering workers, from edge to enterprise, with unlimited access to actionable information is incremental.

AVEVA Operations Control represents the next step in making AVEVA’s entire HMI, SCADA and Operations portfolio available as part of AVEVA Flex: a simplified licensing offer to speed time to value and provide you with the software you need to drive improved decision-making across the entire business.


  • Access AVEVA’s comprehensive portfolio of world class operations control software solutions at the scale that makes sense for your existing business.

  • Commercial and architectural flexibility to enable hybrid cloud and IIoT deployment while always ensuring right-sized expenditures on software

  • Access integrated support and the latest product updates at no additional cost

  • Future proof your business with a strategic partner that has a vision for driving holistic operational value

Align your teams towards operational

Discover how AVEVA empowers decision-makers at every level,
from frontline operators to executive-level decision-makers

What is AVEVA Operations Control?

At a glance

AVEVA Operations Control is an AVEVA Flex subscription offer that provides modern operations control software which gives teams a consistent method of collaborating and operating within a cohesive and sustainable framework. Three core packages provide the tools plant/field (Edge), control room (Supervisory), and enterprise/corporate teams (Enterprise) which provide the information for decision making, efficient collaboration, and continuous operational excellence. Add-on packages for Manufacturing Execution and AVEVA Insight Guided Analytics are available for additional specific functionality.

Operating on a different level

Operating on-demand to meet expectations is possible only when you have the confidence that your operations are resilient.

Whether your perspective is at the Edge or the Enterprise, you can drive greater confidence in your operations by leveraging a collaboration environment that enables comprehensive real-time visibility.

AVEVA Operations Control delivers what it takes to achieve operational awareness for industrial and infrastructure organizations in a digitally-driven world.

The AVEVA Insight Video Guide

Insight is a secure, cost-effective industrial cloud platform. It provides data storage, visualization, and reporting to give you comprehensive access to your real-time operations data.

Edge user

We follow a water industry operator as they encounter an asset issue that requiers collaboration to troubleshoot
and document the resolution.

Edge offer

An indispensable solution for frontline teams that require local process monitoring and control at the asset, equipment or line levels including IIoT and embedded HMI capabilities.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA Insight,
AVEVA Teamwork,
AVEVA Reports for Operations and other tools

Supervisory offer

Ideal for centralized management of distributed SCADA or operations into a single unified plant model aimed at driving standardization across departments.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA System Platform
AVEVA Insight,
AVEVA Teamwork,
AVEVA Reports for Operations and other tools

Supervisory user

An alarm is triggered requiring a renewable power supervisor to investigate and dispatch an operations and maintenance team to restart an offshore wind turbine.

Enterprise user

A vice president begins their day concerned about a power generation alert at a windfarm and assigns an expert from their team to help understand the inpact.

Enterprise offer

IT/OT convergence platform focused on increasing collaboration and enterprise visibility at all levels of regional or global operations.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA Unified Operations Center
AVEVA Insight,
AVEVA Teamwork,
AVEVA Reports for Operations and other tools

Manufacturing execution

Boost manufacturing flexibility while securing quality and consumer safety by providing product and process control.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA Discrete Lean Management
AVEVA Batch Management
AVEVA Recipe Management
AVEVA Work Tasks

AVEVA insight, guided analytics

Create anomaly alerts to explicitly identify a group of data tags for predictive analytics monitoring.

This offer Includes:
AVEVA Insight

AVEVA operations control – AVEVA
flex subscription

This comprehensive solution delivers unparalleled flexibility and convenience by providing AVEVA’s market-leading HMI & supervisory visualization, collaboration, manufacturing execution, and analytics software as a combined subscription that empowers teams with a complete set of capabilities to help improve operational excellence from edge to enterprise.


Line-of-sight visibility

Remote work


Operations control empowering operations teams

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intelligence helps companies build their operational resilience and sustainability.