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AVEVA Connect

Connect people, assets and business processes to the cloud and other digital services.

Always in tune with AVEVA Connect

AVEVA Connect is a unified industrial software platform that spans your entire business – from engineering, design, and procurement to optimising operations and production. It is scalable and creates a unified workforce, helps maximizing return on capital and improves profitability. AVEVA Connect improves your processes by connecting to new capabilities such as machine learning, advanced analytics and early awareness. See how AVEVA Connect can optimize your business.

Why Cloud and Why Now?

Discover the benefits of Cloud technology and accelerate your digital transformation.

Remote Collaboration

Remove organizational silos and enable transparent, real-time collaboration in a shared environment to allow unmatched levels of workforce efficiency.

Fast & Efficient

Fast deployment and easy access to contextualized information and rich Artificial Intelligence, to make agile decisions and ensure sustainable growth.

Flexible & Scalable

Lower total cost of ownership (TCO) and flexible consumption based on need. Scale up, or down, with the right tools at the right time.

Secure & Available

Access the latest digital services built for data security and high availability (>99% uptime), with centralized user management and single sign-on.

Why Cloud & Why Now?

AVEVA provides the broadest and deepest industrial software-as-a-service portfolio to optimize engineering and operations with seamless collaboration in a single out-of-the-box cloud hub.

Learn more about Cloud adoption and strategy!